Live Demo

You can test-drive GaasWorks right now with our demonstration game GravShot.

  1. Contact us to request demo login details
  2. Download GravShot from the App Store.
  3. Login to with the credentials provided.
  4. Select GravShot in the Project Select screen (it will be the only option).Project Select
  5. Select the latest version in the Version Select screen (it will be the only option).Version Select
  6. Select an Entity to edit. Try starting with Game Settings.Entity Select
  7. Change any of the fields in the “Data” tab.
    Try switching Ball Colour in Game Settings.Ball Colour 1Ball Colour 2
  8. Save your changes and proceed to the Deployment screen.Saveto Deployment Screen
  9. Open the GravShot app and enter any level. Note the current colour of the game ball. Make sure your device is connected to the internet.IMG_1731IMG_1734
  10. In the Deployment screen, click the new revision in the Development environment column to set your changes live.Deployment Screen
  11. Watch the app – your changes should take effect in a few seconds and the ball will dynamically change colour.IMG_1735

Note: If other users are working with the demo, you may see their changes take effect alongside your own. The demo account also has restricted permissions, so you will find that some functionality (such as version control and deleting values) is disabled.